Glenbow Provincial Park – Spectacular Views

The same day I went to Big Hill Springs I drove another 15 minutes west and stopped at the new Glenbow Provincial Park. There are a ton of hiking trails at this park. It’s really quite a beautiful place along the river. But you will have to hike a huge hill down and up and it was a bit icy and later in the day for me on this day – I stayed up at the top admiring the view. I had a 400mm zoom lens on a Canon 60D for a total lens length of 640mm. Just for fun I took a couple shots of the mountains and liked this one the best. The mountains are about a 45-60 minute drive away from where I was standing.

Rockie Mountains, Glenbow Provincial Park, landscape, Rockyview County, Calgary, yyc, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography

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