A Couple Dog Walks

Calgary has a ton of off leash areas for dogs and I’ve been to most of them during my tenure as a dog owner. I love going out with our dog, who we rescued through ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), meeting people, dogs and getting some fresh air. If you head out to one of the parks on the weekends you’re sure to see a wide variety of dogs – and people – haha! I shot these at 2 different parks over the course of two weekends. The great dane was a magnificent beast and the little terrier was beyond cute!

A man and his dog, Edworthy Park, city view, great dane, harlequin great dane, winter, downtown Calgary, Calgary, yyc, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotographyA lady and her dog, Sandy Beach Park, toy terrier, winter, Calgary, yyc, Alberta, Canada, dustyriversphotography

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