Some Liquor Shots

Well, you sure can have a lot of fun with 3 bottles of liquor, two pieces old barn wood and some time on your hands – haha! I set up a light box behind the red wood wall and bounced some of the excess back, to light up the front of the bottles, off a reflector card to get these pics in my basement. My buddy Rob Moses thought I’d just taken them out back in my yard – haha!

You’ll see from these pics the only bottle of liquor opened was the Grey Goose. I have reached the age where my bones don’t recover from hangovers as quickly as they used to so I have given up the sweet love of alcohol. Some people say “Well, come on man, just have one or two!”. I would love to, but I’ll have a couple and they taste so good, I’ll have a couple more and then a few more and so on! Then, like so many bad decisions made in the late hours of the evening, I always regret my poor choice in the morning – haha!

These bottles of liquor all came to me in various ways. The rum was a trade for some video lighting equipment that I had to drop off the next day, the rye was a gift from a neighbour who had it in their basement for 30 years – it’s an unopened bottle from 1986. Then, the Grey Goose was an empty bottle my buddy gave me and I just filled it up with water – haha!

It was pretty fun doing these pics – so I guess I eventually found a way to get some liquor shots in – without the hangover!

Angostura Rum, 1824, Premium Caribbean Rum, 750ml, 26 0z, Product of Trinidad & Tobago, Calgary, Ab., YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Grey Goose Vodka, Vodka,  750ml, 26 0z, Product of France, Calgary, Ab., YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Alberta Premium Rye, 750ml, 26 0z, Canadian Rye Liquor, 1986, Alberta Distillers Limited, Calgary, Ab., YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography,

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