Sandy Rivers

I have been watching some Youtube videos lately on how to improve my “people” shooting skills. I watched a few videos of this one guy and was hooked – his name, if you would like to check him out, is Joe Edelman. He makes great, quick, energetic, and very helpful videos on his channel. Joe shoots people – that’s his thing. He’s really good at it too. Like really really good. After watching a few of his videos I noticed a mannequin in the background. It looked like he uses it to set up his lighting before the clients arrive – he definitely doesn’t need it for practice – haha! But I thought to myself – I do! I thought I could replicate a real portrait session over and over again using a dummy. So Thanks Mr. Joe Edelman!! You’ve been a tremendous help and I hope you keep putting out videos for a long time!

The mannequin thing fermented in my brain for a week or so until I finally started checking Kijjijji. Was I in for a shock – they’re not cheap – haha! Just the heads were going for close to $100, full bodies into the couple hundreds. Up until this point I had never really been a student of mannequins. There is a wide variety to choose from. Heads, just torso’s, heads and torsos, full body. Then there’s the faceless, the face with no hair, face with plastic hair. It seems to be a very serious business and I’ll now have a new appreciation for them in the future. After looking for another couple weeks I finally spotted her – “Sandy Rivers”. She was a full body – with stand – face and make up – and plastic hair – so I didn’t have to buy a wig right away – haha! The asking price was $130 but I ended up talking the guy down to $80, so not a bad deal.

After scaring the family with it dressed up in black clothing and a ski mask on a Sunday, I got down to business and set it up for some photography fun. I tried a whole combination of lighting – but always trying to bounce the flash – off the ceiling, a reflector, off the background – it was so much fun – haha! I’ll keep researching and trying new lighting – for these I used a strobe with a softbox off the ceiling, a large reflector and some flash to the left on a couple.

The thing I’m super excited about now is convincing real people to sit for me – haha! I’m so curious to see if I can obtain similar results on real skin and eyes!! I couldn’t have picked a better time to be practicing these types of shots – it’s been close to -30 degrees C for the past week on the prairies – it’s way too cold to go outside!

Sandy Rivers, mannequin photo, portrait, Calgary, YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Sandy Rivers, mannequin, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Sandy Rivers, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Sandy Rivers, Mannequin Photo, lifelike, black and white, Calgary, YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Sandy Rivers, mannequin photo, Calgary, YYC, 2, Dusty Rivers Photography,

Sandy Rivers, mannequin photo, lifelike, Calgary, YYC, Dusty Rivers Photography,

It blows me away what changes in the lighting can do.

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